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A Millwick Wedding

February 2, 2019

The Hand You Are Holding

Tayna + Palmer


I have to say that the Millwick located in Downtown Los Angeles has been one of my top 5 favorite locations to shoot at this year. Hands down, it’s simply because of the esthetics of the place. I’ll write a post on my top favorite venues on a another day but for today, I’ll just let you crush over these Millwick photos with me, ugh i love it. Tayna and Palmer,… man oh man so much to say about these two babes. Tayna and Palmer’s wedding theme was so natural and yet full of color, you’ll see what i mean (check out the video and the photos at the end of the event… CRAZIEST Dancing EVER). Their wedding had so much culture and heart behind everything they said and did. Tayna is from Brazil but the two of them have lived in New York City for years. They recently moved to Santa Monica (Yah! they’re basically our neighbors now!) It was beautiful to watch the love that their families and friends poured onto the two of them… it was unique and AMAZING.