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A Winter Wedding

December 18, 2015


Black Forest, Mainz, Germany

Hello blogging world!  For those that didn’t know I use to blog in a little corner called Bow & Arrow and decided to move my blog over to this page so that all you lovely readers can get to know us better and see what we are all about. Just last week we got to fly to Seattle to film an elopement. I love that I get to film weddings with my husband and the entire experience brings me back to the time when we got married and just reliving every moment together it is such a blessing. Can I also say that I LOVE Washington! It was the first time I have ever been and I am not a fan of the cold weather but I didn’t mind it there. All the homes are beautifully built, the ocean water is a different crystal blue color, everything is lushes, so many trees the food is oh so yummy and I can go on an onnnnnn. Here are some photos from the trip


IMG_6286 IMG_9722IMG_6304

(do you see that lovely black and white picture above! Yep the lovely Jaymi Britten Photography took that, run and check her stuff out.)




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wait…what! did I take my 7 month old with me?! Oh yes I did! It was an entire family affair and it was so much fun. We had so much food the wedding-elopement took place in a gorgeous 100 year old mansion and we left with so many great memories and even better friends! . Once again congratulations to Maggie & Nathan.

– Until Next Time.