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Engagement Tucked Away In The Hills

March 31, 2019

Be with someone who makes love feel easy - Kenzie Lawson


The Hills

I love when love is so contagious and weird and these two were proof of that. They had us laughing the entire time and I don’t think I have ever met such a perfect match as these two were for each other. We started the evening off in a Hollywood hills home all tucked away with the best backyard ever!! The grass was so green and tall thanks to all the beautiful rain that’s been happening here in California. Kailee owns her own tanning salon in Huntington Beach which everyone needs to check out, umm can you tell by her glow!? and Francisco sorry I forgot what he does! hahah but any whom can we pause for a second and obsess over all of their cowboy looks and cowboy boots! aren’t they they freakin cutest or what!? made me want to go to Texas and buy some! hahaha but in all seriousness I was just thinking the other day that what I love most about this job are the laughs, the looks, those in between moments of glares and smiles that couples give to each other! its pretty amazing getting to see other peoples love and to be a part of it, I mean im the biggest fan of hallmark movies so getting a front row seat to all these love stories is freakin epic!