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In Home Engagement in DTLA

April 1, 2019



By the time Dan and I got to meet Erika + Michael we already felt like life long friends since we had been texting and face timing way before our first meet up. We went back in forth on ideas and planned what the perfect shoot would be for the both of them, until we finally decided on an in home session. So on the hunt we searched for a boho home and when I came across this downtown Los Angeles loft we just new this was the one. The loft had everything they wanted the bohemian rugs, the antique couches, vintage record player, and even the cutest library book case with a flippin ladder!!!!  They wanted their engagement to be intimate with out the stress of having people look at them since it can be a little nerve wracking in the beginning because you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. But within 5 seconds these two were giggling and into their zone. It’s been such a gift meeting all our new couples and we so can’t wait to shoot their wedding later this year! xx