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We remember what it was like to first fall in love.
Marriage is a once in a lifetime event.
You want this moment in your life to be full of exceptional storytelling and not full of regrets over staying surface level.

We are experts at artistically crafting stories that pull you in. Creating imagery of authentic moments that transport the audience (your friends and family) right into the center of your relationship.
That overwhelming feeling you two feel right now... you want them to feel it too – through photos and film that pull you in.


This bridal shoot for our La Captura mentorship program was such a worthwhile labor of love! We had been thinking of creating a mentorship program for new photo-video teams for a while, especially for husband + wife photo video teams like us, so we created this shoot to be our first venture into that realm. We were so honored to create this experience for couples starting out, just like we were years ago, and were so happy that it really seemed to be a meaningful experience for the amazing teams who joined!

The idea for this shoot came to us when we were having a lot of discussions about our goals for this year, one of which was having a “servant heart.” For us, this means giving back to the communities that have supported us so much over the years, especially through this crazy life as entrepreneurs. So, we wanted to create a space where Los Angeles wedding photographers and videographers felt wholeheartedly supported in their journey to hone their craft, learn from each other, and recognize their strengths. Too many times we’ve left a group shoot not feeling good about our work or not “creative enough” because we’re comparing ourselves too much to other teams, and it’s the worst feeling when you think you haven’t gotten a chance to get the shots you wanted because you all were competing for them. So we wanted to create a shoot that was the antidote to those experiences we’re sure all photographers and videographers have had – a shoot where everyone was rooting for each other and lifted each other up, so each person could feel good about their work and recognize their unique strengths. Plus, we had also noticed a lack of fashion-focused shoots, but we’ve always drawn a lot of inspiration from fashion and wanted to see that reflected in a styled shoot as well. So, La Captura was born!

We really wanted to make sure that this was more than just a portfolio builder for the teams who invested in it. Instead, we wanted to set it up so these creatives could build a supportive community together and each person would feel more confident leaving than they did at the start. To try to do this, we added to the program one-on-one meetings with each team before the shoot date so we could really understand their individual goals and struggles going into it. Listening to all their dreams filled our hearts, and we were able to empathize with their insecurities and worries since of course we’ve all been there. Having these meetings was so important to our mission for La Captura because it gave us the space to reassure these new teams that despite their doubts, they can accomplish their dreams just like we have, and also allowed us to tailor our feedback at the shoot to what we knew would help them the most.

Our one-on-one meetings also gave us a sense of everyone as people so we could group them with other like-minded teams who saw art similarly and who could support each other the best. We made sure, then, that they got to know each other before the shoot. We had them participate in calls together where they visualized the different scenes and moments in the shoot, so they could plan out their shots, talk through their methodology, and understand how to work together and around each other. These meetings gave them an opportunity to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses and acknowledge what they uniquely brought to the table. We saw that this kind of feedback helped so many of the teams realize that they had better ideas and instincts than they thought, and they just needed to make some small tweaks to refine their ideas. Then, on the day of the shoot, they all made space for each other and really supported each other instead of just trying to get their own shots. Everyone left completely excited about the amazing images and amount of content they captured when everyone collaborated instead of competed, and it was really empowering to see all these young teams recognize their power and grow into their confidence!

The day of the shoot at The Lazarus Experience was so much fun and we were blown away by the work of these lovely teams we had gotten to know! The shoot was inspired by a Downtown summer vibe – modern meets industrial meets romantic, light, and airy. We wanted it to be a simple and versatile enough concept that each team could put their own aesthetic spin on the shooting, and it turned out really beautifully! We had the help of a huge team of vendors that filled the space with everything from hanging floral installations and beautiful dried floral table arrangements to fun tabletop pieces for a modern reception set-up, and even an invitation suite designed by one of our past brides. We also had a rotation of 5 outfits – 3 for our model Kristina, including 2 wedding dresses and an awesome two-piece outfit for the rooftop portion, and 2 for her husband Damir, our second model – to get the most bang for our buck on the fashion side.

Side note: we were so glad to have a real couple for models because it gives you more consistently great photos, since the chemistry is one less thing you have to worry about. Although is was our first time working with Kristina and Damir, it felt like we’ve known them for years. They are the sweetest, most lovely and authentic people to have onsite for a shoot. I love that they always have so much fun with it – dancing, laughing, popping champagne, and grinning from ear to ear between poses! These lighthearted, real moments against the Downtown skyline and among all the gorgeous flowers inside made my heart sing and was a perfect set-up for the types of photos we were helping these new teams hone in on.

We spent the day helping the teams with specific techniques for shooting, answering questions, and getting some swoon-worthy photos ourselves! Dan especially wanted to make a point to teach them how to enter and leave a scene with your shots, be it photography or videography, since that has been a game changer for us. So many photographers and videographers in their early years shoot each scene in isolation, but it is so much more dynamic to show the movement in and out of a space and moment, so we really wanted to teach these new teams the importance of that momentum. We were so happy to see these teams run with everything we taught them!

We have been so proud of all the work these teams did and were thrilled with the reception of La Captura #1. So, we’ve decided to do it again! Our second La Captura shoot will have the same mentorship experience but with a new venue and aesthetic – this time it’s going to be a delicate, feminine garden party vibe on January 17, 2021 in Joshua Tree. We know the value of having good mentorship early on, and we can’t wait to help more couples grow into their skills. So if you’re a photo-video couple looking to elevate your business, reach out and we’d love to have you! Make sure to get on our email list so you can be the first to get tickets.