Photos & Film

We remember what it was like to first fall in love.
Marriage is a once in a lifetime event.
You want this moment in your life to be full of exceptional storytelling and not full of regrets over staying surface level.

We are experts at artistically crafting stories that pull you in. Creating imagery of authentic moments that transport the audience (your friends and family) right into the center of your relationship.
That overwhelming feeling you two feel right now... you want them to feel it too – through photos and film that pull you in.

Amy is a hair stylist for Square Salon and Kevin is a lawyer in Las Vegas. Our story with the two of them started quick inquiry from Instagram but quickly turned into a friendship that will last a lifetime. These two have the kindest hearts and their creative spunk is absolutely infectious.




Las Vegas

If you want to do things different, party with your friends and have a blast on your wedding, Break the traditions and make it unique? Definitely take some notes from Amy and Kevin. Maybe Rent a Bentley and drive-thu In N Out? Check. Play Led Zeppelin during your catholic mass? Check. How about hiring the best-unknown taco food truck to cater your wedding? Yep! (literally the best tacos ever).

Here’s the point. You don’t have to do what your parents did, or do what your best friend decided to do at her wedding. Make it your own and create your own vision. Make your personally shine seamless into all the tiny details. In the end it will feel so iconically you and memorable for all of your guests.

Dan and I were honored to be their photo & video / husband & wife team! We love creating a seamless style from photos to video that creates an experience for our couples. One they get to relive their wedding day all over through photos and film. We loved hearing Amy write in her feature in Rock N Roll Bride, “…the very best thing overall was that both of us gave input into every single aspect of how we wanted our wedding to look and the experience we wanted our guests to have. We also had such a wonderful team of vendors who never made us feel stressed!” Ah, music to our ears!